Ishan is a Policy Advisor for the National Security Program at Third Way in Washington, DC. With a focus on cybersecurity, he aims to work at the intersection of technology and policy and bring the two worlds closer. He has a double master’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Computer Engineering and Public Policy.

His research has included work on cybersecurity, Internet governance and digital trade. His has presented at venues like the RSA Conference, Telecom Policy Research Conference and the Internet Governance Forum. Ishan interned at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and knew he wanted to come back to DC to be a part of the policy community and grapple with these compelling issues. During his time in Atlanta, he worked for the Georgia House Democratic Caucus and led a digital rights group. He is most proud of their efforts that led to the veto of a poorly written cybersecurity bill.

Ishan’s writing and work has been featured in the outlets such as WIRED, Politico, and ABC7 News.

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